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        1. Group News-HBIS Group-Being The Most Competitive Steel Enterprise

          All HBIS Huanghua Terminals Are Capable of Discharing CAPE Vessels

          May 7, HBIS Logistics Huanghua Port Company passed the feasibility review of discharging load shedded Cape Vessels in its bulk material  terminials and all four births in Huanghua port were able to discharge CAPE vessels improving the efficiency of each performing ship and the throughtput capability of the port. This new progress allows HBIS to integrate its port resources and improve its profitabilities and enhancing its logisitic value chain.

          CAPE class vessles are the biggest in bulk ships and the main stream ships with large load, low cost and safety advantages. With the load shedded CAPE ships entering Huanghua terminals, HBIS could deliver more bulk materils to its steel mill clients in mid/southern part of Hebei province and Shanxi province relieving the shortages of discharging facilities. The port will gain more ground in inner land markets.

          The orginal design of the two berths was to discharge 100,000-ton ships. After dredging and technological retrofiting, the channel reaches 600m wide and the port is able to handle 175,000-ton ships after weight shedding.