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        1. Industrial Finance

          Focusing on the combination of industry and finance, HBIS promotes the financialization of industrial assets and the industrialization of financial capital. and successively established a batch of finance and securities companies, such as Caida Securities,HBIS Finance, HBIS Leasing, HBIS Factoring, HBIS Electricity Sales and HBIS Carbon Assets. In 2018, HBIS innovatively established HBIS SCM(supply chain management) as the integrated management platform of its industrial finance business.

          Integration of Industry and finance

          Construct important pole of profit growth.


          Based on the whole steel industry chain and the industrial service platform, HBIS will build a highly competitive financial service clusters. Under the platform-oriented management of HBIS SCM, industrial finance sector will expand from procurement &logistics to sales &customers, and provide professional financial services to the society as well. By 2025, the yearly revenue of this sector will reach more than 10 billion RMB.